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Do you like to feel that you are safe when dating and meeting new people?
I do and that’s why I use public records web sites to do arrest records lookups, get background information and find the criminal history of the people that are around me. I do this all the time and I find that most of the people I hang around with are who they say they are and don’t have any dark secrets. Occasionally this is sadly not the case and there have been times that I have thanked my lucky stars that I did that background check.

Public records get better and better

Over the years that I’ve been doing this I have seen records web sites get better and better. They are continually adding new data and also making it easier for you to use it. They are not yet perfect and probably never will be. They don’t have everything about everybody in their databases yet but I seem to manage to find something in there about most of the people that I need to check out. Even if it’s just a last known address it might be enough to tell you if this person is telling you the truth.

It’s fun to find out about people

I go out to meet new people a lot both for my work and in my social life. When I get home I go straight onto the Internet, log in to my favourite investigations web site and check out everyone that I have met. Not only do I feel more confident with these people after I had found them online I also get a great deal of satisfaction from it. I suppose I just like finding things out about people, it can be a lot of fun.

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Background data from Smart Phones

Not so long ago I got a new Android phone and was introduced to a whole new world of mobile web surfing and found that you can check people out from anywhere at any time you want to. Anyone with a smartphone can do this whether you have an iPhone, Android or any other kind of smart cell phone. If you have one of these then you can investigate people when you meet them, right there in the bar if you want to. You don’t have to wait until you get home to your computer and hope that you remember all the details that you extracted from your new friend.

This new ability to do background checks on the go is a leap forward. You become more confident about meeting new people if you have an instant way to verify their story and make sure that there are no criminal or arrest records that you don’t know about. You can often find out names of relatives and neighbors too. This can provide you with talking points and leave your friend knowing that you are not going to be easily fooled or lied to.

Reap the benefits of mobile optimized background records

Being able to surf the net from a mobile device is a great help to you but up until recently you have had to put up with navigating records web sites that were built for desktop PC’s with large screens. It can sometimes be a chore trying to pan and scroll your way through these sites using your finger and a tiny iPhone screen. But there is now a solution to that. I’ve found a background web site that is optimized for your mobile device.

Try it on your phone today

You can do background checks all day long from your Android or iPhone because it is so easy to use. The buttons are clear and easy to touch and the information is easy to read and find what you are looking for. This is the web site that you should use for looking up people while you are out and about. You can subscribe to it very cheaply and don’t worry about missing anything because when you get home and log into it from your computer it will automatically show you the full sized desktop web site.

Give it a try today. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Arrest Warrant Search – What Can I Do If I Get Arrested

If and when you get arrested don’t say a word

It could never happen to you right? Getting arrested is something that happens to other people not you. Isn’t that what you think? Well think again. You can get arrested for pretty much anything at any time whether you committed any offence or not. You may not even know that there is a warrant for arrest out on you and that the cops are coming for you right now.

You could get picked up on the street because you dared to walk out after dark and arrested on suspicion. You could get stopped in your car because you ran a red light and somehow the cops find something that you shouldn’t posses when they search your car. They might find that you have a warrant when they routinely search your car. Any one of these things and a lot more, can end up with you getting arrested.

If this happens to you you can tell the police your name and your address and when you have done that you can shut up. You don’t have to answer any more of their questions and you should not. For most law abiding people like yourself this advice will not come easy. You think that the police are your friends don’t you? Well they can be if you are the victim of a crime and you need their help. If the police are inviting you to “help them with their enquiries” then they are not your friends, especially if they have just arrested you.

Keep your mouth shut

If you get arrested in the US the cops will tell you that anything you say can be used against you in court. Rest assured that if they can use what you say to get you convicted then they will. Why on earth would anyone want to tell them anything at all in that case? Take note and remember to keep your mouth shut.

If you are unfortunate enough to get arrested in the UK the police are much more devious about interrogating you. They will tell you that you don’t have to say anything but unless you do you might not be able to rely on it in court. This is nothing more than a lie to get you to talk to them. When it comes to using what you say against you the UK police are no different to those in the US. Unless you can tell them about your cast iron alibi then keep your mouth shut. In fact why tell them about your alibi sooner than you need to? All it will do is give the cops an opportunity to find some evidence to prove that your alibi is false. Keep your mouth shut.

Get yourself legal representation

Always get a lawyer. You can not afford to be without one when the police ask you questions. Even if you don’t tell the cops anything, your lawyer needs to hear the questions you are being asked so that he can determine the nature and seriousness of whatever it is you are being accused of. Remember the police are skilled interrogators and they will have rehearsed many ways of questioning you to lead you to tell them what they want you to say. Keep your mouth shut and listen.

Did you know that parts of your statement can get read out in court out of context? Yes it’s true and it does happen. Even when you think that you have given a good account of yourself in the interview room the courtroom commandos can read out a portion of it and make you look like the worst piece of rubbish that ever littered the streets. Your defence team might object of course but by then the jury has heard it and it’s too late. The solution is don’t give the police anything they can use – anything at all.

Don’t touch the nice officer

No matter how mean the cops are being to you you must resist the temptation to react to it. Don’t start shouting and ranting, don’t try to run away or even step back for that matter. Above all, don’t touch the officers for any reason at any time. Doing any of these things will provide the cops opportunities to pile more and more offences onto your arrest sheet. The cops get points for it and it furthers their career. You get more time in prison, more fines or both.

Never engage the police without a lawyer

trying to fight a legal battle yourself is futile. You will lose. It always amazes me when people refuse their legal right to legal representation, even when it’s being provided free. I guess that most law abiding innocent people think that the police are their friends and that they have nothing to fear as long as they tell the truth. This is a popular but wholly incorrect assumption. the police are not your friend in this situation and you need all the help that you can get. Use the best legal representation you can afford.

The police are incentivised to arrest and convict people. The truth is only one of many tools that they might employ to achieve their aims but it is certainly not the only one. If they think that they can get a conviction without finding out the truth then they will. Believe me.

The police are not your buddies

If they police arrest you then they are not your friend. They are not going to be on your side. They will do everything that they can to gather evidence against you that might lead to your conviction. They will not actively gather information that might prove your innocence and they have even been known to suppress such evidence.

If you talk to the police then you will be subjected to their well rehearsed interrogation techniques. They are trained to get you to tell them what they want to hear.

If an innocent person is convicted then a criminal remains free

If you tell the police anything then you are helping them to convict you and removing any incentive that they might have had to search for the real criminal. It is your public duty to not let this happen. Make the police do the job that you are paying them to do. Make them look for the truth.

Do you have any outstanding arrest warrants

It is possible to avoid getting yourself arrested in some circumstances by handing yourself in before the police come and arrest you. If you give yourself up voluntarily and under the supervision of a lawyer then you will have a much greater chance of dealing with the warrant without getting yourself arrested. You can find out if you have any active arrest warrants by using a public records investigations web site. It isn’t expensive and it could save you from getting a very nasty surprise.

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Criminal Records | Can Facebook Get You A Criminal Record

Is Facebook a friend or your worst enemy?

Facebook is arguably one of the very best inventions of the last 50 years. Or is it one of the worst abominations to be conceived yet? It all depends on your point of view and if you are one of the unfortunate people who have lost a job, been turned down for a job, been cyber-bullied or even got a criminal record because of something posted on FB then you know what I’m taking about.

It’s undeniable that social networking sites have brought pleasure to millions of people around the world. It has allowed people to keep in touch despite vast distances and passage of time. It has brought old friends together when they thought that they would never see each other again. Many people use FB as an invaluable tool to organize events and keep their social life in order. Communicating with people has never been easier, especially now that you can do it so easily on your phone while mobile.

The dark side of Facebook

There is however a dark side to this new found freedom of communication and expression. Social networks make it possible for you to track the daily activities of all your friends and allows you to communicate with them any time that you want to. This very same technology makes it possible for employers to build a background profile of you and use it to decide whether to give you a job or not. Worse still, your Facebook profile can provide evidence to the police and land you with a criminal record.

If you apply for a job in an office and your FB profile shows that you regularly party the night away into the small hours they might take that into consideration. If you apply for a job working with children but your FB page shows you in compromising situations then there is a good chance that you will not get the job.

Some people post pictures of themselves actually committing offenses thinking that their pages are private. This can get you into serious trouble. It can get you arrested and provide the prosecution with all the ammunition that they need to secure a conviction. You then have a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Don’t stop using Facebook

I don’t want to stop you from using FB. As I said, the social benefits it brings are huge and I would not want to deny you those benefits. What I do want you to do is act responsibly when you are using it.

The first thing that you must do is use the tools that Facebook provide to secure your account. This means setting your profile so that only the people that you want to see your information can see it. When you have done that you have probably done more than most to help keep your life private and secure your reputation.

Online security is never enough

Simply securing your account is not enough however. Remember that you are relying on the owners of FB to be responsible and respect your privacy wishes. Can you trust them to do that? I would not. You must also remember that FB is just one huge software program. It is built by programmers who are human and don’t always get things right. I know this because I’m a programmer myself. A web site like Facebook is a complex piece of software which is impossible secure 100% with certainty. If there is even a small hole in the security then the hackers will find it sooner or later.

Even if Facebook was 100% secure one of your ‘friends’ could take your posts and images and post them elsewhere. You may forget that you made your boss a friend and then post something bad about the company that you work for. A sure way to get yourself fired if you ask me.

FB will also give up your information to the police to comply with court orders. Anything that you write or post online can and will be held against you in court if the police choose to do so when they charge you with an offence. A conviction for smashing a window is easy to achieve if you post a picture of you doing it on FB.

Anything you post on line may be found in a background check

So don’t stop using FB but whenever you post stuff there you should assume that whatever you put on the site may someday become public. Before you post ask yourself this question “Would I want anyone else to see this?”. If you would rather not show this information to your employer, a prospective employer, your ex partner or the police then don’t post it. Keep it to yourself. If you do this every time then you should be able to sleep easier at night knowing that it can’t come back to bite you one day.

Don’t get yourself a criminal record because you have posted something online to Facebook or anywhere else on line. It’s easy enough for someone to do a background check on you online without you helping out by posting all your secrets too.

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Free Outstanding Warrant Search – 10 Easy Tips

Searching for active arrest warrants

If you are attempting to do a free outstanding warrant search, either on yourself, or someone else then here are a few tips that you might want to bear in mind.

As with most things in life, you might find that you are able to do an absolutely free warrant search by doing all the work yourself. That is if you have the time and patience to do it. You can reduce your workload significantly by using paid services to do the work for you. It’s a lot faster and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune any more.

1. Don’t ignore a warrant

Whatever you do, don’t assume that a warrant will disappear if you ignore it for long enough. It won’t go away, no matter how long it’s been. Sooner or later they will catch up with you and arrest you. You will be much better off if you give yourself up before that happens.

2. Get yourself a lawyer

When you discover that you have an outstanding warrant the first thing that you should do is get a lawyer. You can handle the warrant without one if you must but you will be much better off if you let a professional guide you through the process.

3. Hand yourself in

Your lawyer will prepare and guide you through the process of handing yourself in and making sure that you do things in the best way for you. it is important that you hand yourself in voluntarily before you get arrested as this will show that you are trying to cooperate fully.

4. Search for outstanding warrants regularly

You can get an outstanding warrant at any time. You may not realize that you have one and you don’t have to have done anything wrong to get one either. An outstanding warrant might even be the result of having your identity stolen. Checking regularly is the only way to pick up warrants as they happen.

5. Don’t ask a cop

You might be tempted to do a very quick and easy free outstanding warrant check by calling at your local law enforcement office and asking. This strategy may not work if you are trying to search for someone else’s warrants and if they find a warrant outstanding for you then they might just arrest you on the spot.

6. Take precautions to avoid identity theft

Identity theft is a big problem and it’s getting worse. As many as 1 in 4 Americans may fall victim to this crime at some time in our lives. It makes sense to be careful with your personal information for all sorts of reasons and getting an unexpected warrant is one of them.

7. Avoid Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is generally avoidable. This is a warrant issued by the court when you fail to do something you were told to do. Always do what the court tells you to do.

8. Avoid Arrest Warrants

harder to avoid than Bench Warrants because you don’t have to do anything wrong to get one. If you have committed an offence however then you are much more likely to get a warrant. Don’t break the law.

9. Check for warrants at county and state level

Check both state and county records in the area where you are most likely to have warrants. Many authorities now publish arrest records on the web which should make your job a little easier.

10. Use free public records

Arrest warrants are public records which means that they are freely available to anyone who wants to see them. You can search through public records from across the nation using a web site that specializes in holding that information. This can be very helpful if you don’t know where your outstanding warrants might be.

11. Bonus tip – Search outstanding warrants for anyone you want

When you use a public records web site you aren’t limited to searching just for your own information. You can find out if someone else has warrants too. In fact, you can do a full background check on practically anyone you want. Why not do one on everyone you know? You might be surprised at what you find.

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How to Check If You Have An Active Arrest Warrant

Arresting people is what police officers are there for

It may not be politically correct for any police force to say that their prime objective is to make as many arrests as possible but what do you think motivates the cops on the street? I’m sure that they get good reports for making arrests and they know how to check if you have an active arrest warrant. Think about that for a moment and you will see that asking a police officer to do a check for you is not a good idea. There is a much better way to check for your warrants.

Knowing how your police department works is very important. It exists to investigate and detect crime and then to arrest the perpetrators of those crimes. It makes sense to measure their performance to make sure that they are doing the best job for you and reward them appropriately for doing it. The problem with this is that it creates an eagerness to arrest people that fosters a competitive attitude towards arrests. Police officers could become more interested in maximizing arrests than detecting and preventing real crime.

How do you measure the performance of a police officer?

I’m guessing that there are many things that police forces use to asses the performance of their officers. This could include recording the accuracy and speed of their paperwork, their proficiency with weapons and a host of other things. It would be very naive to imagine that the number of arrests made by by an officer is not included in the assessment.

Measuring arrest numbers is easy

It’s almost too easy to to count the number of arrests made and I’m sure that they make it more interesting by awarding more or less weight depending on the severity of the crime. Was it a misdemeanor or a felony? Busting someone for a felony is sure to prompt a celebration don’t you think? It must be worth many points on the arrest tally sheet.

Police officers can check if you have an arrest warrant

So cops are measured by how many arrest that they make. They can also check to see if you have a warrant so what do you think is the first thing they do when they stop you for any reason? They will check to see if you are wanted of course.

Problem solved you might think. All you have to do to check for arrest warrants is ask a police officer. But there is a catch. A police officer will be only too pleased to do an arrest warrant check on you and they will do it for free too. The problem is that they will arrest you on the spot if they fid that you have a warrant.

Remember the game that the cops play involves arresting as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. Finding out that you are wanted represents an easy score for them.

You do not want to get arrested

Believe me when I tell you that the last thing you want to happen is to get yourself arrested. This aplies whether you have committed an offence or not. Getting arrested means spending some time in jail and the possible expense of bail. It also means that you will have an arrest record that will never go away. For many employers, having been arrested is reason enough not to give you a job. It won’t count for much that you were never convicted or even if you were never charged with anything. The fact that you show up on police records is enough to condemn you to a life of low paid work.

So if you have offended and you want to put things right, check public records first to see if you have a warrant and get it sorted before the police have a chance to arrest you. Get yourself a lawyer to guide you safely through the process.

If you have not committed any offence, or you don’t think that you have, then it’s still a good idea to check yourself out regularly just in case you have collected a warrant for something that you know nothing about. Victims of identity theft have this problem all the time. Check to see if you have an active arrest warrant using public records right now. You might regret it if you don’t.

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How to Check If You Have An Active Arrest Warrant

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How Long Does An Arrest Warrant Last For?

You can’t outrun an arrest warrant

Did you think that you had gotten away with that warrant for your arrest because it was issued a long time ago? Perhaps it was even in a different state. If you haven’t been arrested already then perhaps the warrant has been forgotten about – Wrong. How long does an arrest warrant last for? – A lot longer than you might imagine.

Arrest warrants are for life

Warrants do not expire and they do not have a time limit. An arrest warrant will remain active until you get arrested or you give yourself up. It’s as simple as that and if you haven’t been arrested yet then it’s just luck. Give it time and it will most likely catch up with you.

If you have a warrant for a serious felony crime then you can expect to be caught quickly unless you are actively avoiding capture. It’s more likely though, that you have a warrant for a misdemeanor offence like failing to attend court or not paying a fine. If this is the case then it’s unlikely that the police will be actively pursuing you.

Warrants don’t go away by themselves

Just because you have a warrant for a minor offence from years ago and you haven’t been arrested yet, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be. Remember a warrant will last forever unless you do something about it. It will not go away by itself.

One day you will get stopped for some routine traffic offence and the police will take the opportunity to check to see if you have any arrest warrants. You are already in front of them so if they can add you to their arrest statistics for the day then they will. They can do a routine warrant check in no time at all with their onboard computers and if they find your warrant, even if it’s from years ago, they will arrest you and take you to jail.

Most police officers are assessed in some part, by how many arrests they carry out so they have a real incentive to find something to arrest you on. You would be an easy target.

Dealing with an arrest warrant

I’m guessing that if you are reading this article then it’s because you either know that you have a warrant for arrest or you think you have one. You are also concerned that you should be doing something about it before your luck runs out and you finally get arrested.

Once you have been arrested you will be thrown into jail to be released only after bail has been set. That’s when it starts to get expensive so if you can, it’s best to avoid the getting arrested part.

You need to get yourself a lawyer to guide you through the right way of handing yourself in and dealing with whatever it was that got you the warrant in the first place.

Find out what the warrant is about

Before you hand yourself in you need to find out what the warrant is for and even whether one exists at all for that matter. You can get details of the warrant from the courthouse where it was issued. Just give them a call and ask. If you can’t remember where it was issued then you can use an online public records database. Arrest warrants are public records so there is a good chance that you will find your’s online.

Forever is how long an arrest warrant lasts.

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Arizona Active Arrest Warrants

Searching for arizona active arrest warrants can be done efficiently online using an investigations public records web site. Not all police departments and sheriff’s offices are equally good at publishing warrant lists and some publish only the most wanted fugitives. Some have yet to embrace the benefits of placing all their public records online.

I’ve been searching for links to web sites where you can find state of Arizona active arrest warrants and most wanted lists for free. So far I’ve found a list for the state and some of the counties cities. If you don’t find what you need on these sites or if you want to try a faster way to find warrants then

Arizona State Most Wanted
A sample of the fugitives wanted in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Almanac
Gallery of wanted fugitives from the Arizona Almanac.
US Marshals Service Fugitive Investigations Fugitives wanted by US Marshals Service.

Most Wanted Fugitives in Arizona State Counties

Apache County
Here is a useful web site with information from the Apache County Sherriff’s Office. To navigate to active arrest warrants select the Warrants menu link. You can search by name or you can Search all Warrants by leaving the field blank.

You can not only access arrest warrants you can also find other public information such as Arrest Records, Inmates and crime charts.

Cochise County Here is a link to a list of people wanted in Cochise County for absconding from probation.
Coconino County Coconino County Adult Probation’s Most Wanted list.
Gila County
Graham County
Greenlee County
La Paz County
Maricopa County A nice comprehensive and easily searchable list of arrest warrants from the Techno-Cops at the Mariicopa County Sherriff’s office.
Mohave County The Mohave County Sheriff’s Most Wanted list.
Navajo County
Pima County Pima County Sheriff Most Wanted list.

This is a nice web site with some good general information about the Sheriff’s department with Jail information and available online services.

Pinal County Pinal County Most Wanted Adult probation absconders.
Santa Cruz County Search the Santa Cruz County Sherriff’s web site for wanted persons.

Enter “wanted” into the box and click the Search button.

Yavapai County Yavapai County Most Wanted list.
Yuma County

Most Wanted Fugitives in Arizona Cities

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How To Find An Arrest Warrant – Dont Joke About Warrants

Do you know how to find an arrest warrant?

You might think that having a warrant for arrest out on you is amusing, especially if you can’t remember doing anything wrong to get one. The fact is that an arrest warrant could have a dramatic effect on your life if you choose to ignore it. It could cost you a lot of money in mounting fines. You could end up with a jail sentence and it won’t do your reputation a bit of good.

The problem is that you don’t always know when a warrant has been issued for you and if you don’t know about it then you can’t do anything about it can you. Luckily there is an easy way for you to make a regular check on your arrest warrant status.

What exactly is an arrest warrant?

Most people don’t realize this but there are in fact at least 2 kinds of warrant that can be placed on you. One is issued by the police and is called an Arrest Warrant. A court can issue a Bench Warrant for you. In both cases the result will be the same, sooner or later the cops will come looking for you.

Are you a criminal identity theft victim?

It seems that not a day goes past that you don’t hear some horror story about someone having their identity stolen and finding that all their cards have been maxed out or the’ve suddenly got loans to pay back that they never took out in the first place. Identity theft is a popular activity amongst thieves and if they commit a criminal offence while they are impersonating you then guess who gets the arrest warrant? You do. Imagine that – the police wake you up in the middle of the night and drag you off for an offence that you never committed in a place that you’ve never been to. Wouldn’t you like to know about these warrants so that you can do something about them before the cops start chasing you?

How to find your arrest warrants before the cops come for you

It’s never been easier to search for things online and it’s getting better every day as more and more information becomes available. The only problem you have is finding the information that’s available to you. You’re in luck though because there are now organizations devoted to scavenging every bit of information from publicly available databases and presenting them to you in a single easy to use web site.

Information about arrest warrants is just one of a multitude of things that you can find out about yourself or someone else and you can do it completely confidentially from these online public records databases.

Alternative ways of checking for arrest warrants

If you don’t want to use a public records database web site then there are other ways you can use to try and find your warrants. None of them are as effective as the dedicated web site but it’s a good idea to be aware of them.

You could do nothing and just wait for the cops to knock on your door. It’s an easy method but if it happens then you are likely to be dragged off there and then and not be given much opportunity to do anything about the warrant.

You can ask at the courthouse but you have to know which courthouse the warrant was issued from. This isn’t much good if the warrant was issued elsewhere which it might be if you are the victim of criminal identity theft.

One method I don’t recommend is asking a police officer. They have the ability to search for your warrants and if you have one they will let you know soon enough but they are also very likely to arrest you on the spot. This isn’t what you want. You want to know about the warrant before you get arrested and do something about it like talk to a lawyer.

You can find background information, criminal records, arrest warrants and many other things by using these public records web sites. Use one today to discover any active arrest warrants you might have.

How To Find An Arrest Warrant
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How To Avoid A Warrant For Arrest

You can’t ignore an existing Arrest Warrant but you can avoid getting new ones

If you already have an arrest warrant then you can’t avoid it, you must make sure that you know it exists and deal with it. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid getting a warrant in the first place though.

Avoiding Bench Warrants

A Bench Warrant will be issued by a court if you do something wrong during or after your court case. Avoiding getting a Bench Warrant issued is simply a matter of following the courts instructions to you. Making sure that you attend the court when you are told to goes a long way to pleasing the officials.

If you can’t attend then make sure that you have a very good reason and make sure you inform the court that you will be absent as soon as possible. Excuses like you lost the papers with the date on or you forgot the date are unlikely to be good enough.

The court can also issue a bench warrant if you fail to pay a fine or you don’t carry out your community service obligations. The easy way to avoid this is to do your service and pay any fines on time.

Avoiding Arrest Warrants

Arrest Warrants are a little harder to avoid because the police can apply to the court to get one at any time they think you committed a crime. This may be for something as simple as a speeding or other traffic offence or it could be because they have identified you as a suspect in a serious crime. It doesn’t mean that you committed the crime but simply that the police think that you might have done.

You can avoid attracting most arrest warrants by simply obeying the law but if you do get one you should engage a lawyer to represent you as soon as possible.

How to find out if you have an Arrest Warrant

If you have an arrest warrant then it’s in your interest to get a lawyer and hand yourself in as soon as possible. If the court sees that you’ve made an effort to contact the court to sort things out voluntarily it will most likely treat you more favorably than if the police had to seek you out and drag you to court involuntarily.

The most effective way of finding active arrest warrants is to use an online public records database that collects background information including arrest warrants from multiple sources and makes it available to you in a very convenient way. Use one of these databases regularly and you will have a good chance of dealing with a warrant in your own good time before the police come knocking on your door and put you in handcuffs.

Find an arrest warrant quickly, easy and fully confidentially using an online records database from multiple private and public records sources.

Active Arrest Warrants: How To Avoid A Warrant For Arrest
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What Is A Warrant For Arrest And Why Should You Care

Check yourself for active arrest warrants today

Checking for arrest warrants is one of the most important background checks you will ever do on yourself, or on anyone else for that matter. If you’ve got a warrant for arrest and you choose to ignore it then you could find yourself with a hefty fine or a vacation in jail. So what exactly is an arrest warrant?

There are 2 kinds of warrant that can get you arrested

There are two forms of warrant that you can get arrested for. There are Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants. Arrest Warrants are issued by a court when the police present adequate evidence that you might have committed a crime. Bench Warrants on the other hand are issued by the court when you fail to do something that the court has told you to do like pay a fine, do community service or even just turn up on time.

Being aware of arrest warrants when they’re issued is very important and could save you a lot of money or even prevent you getting thrown into jail. The first thing you should do is find out if you have a warrant for your arrest using an online public records database. If you do have one then you should get yourself a lawyer as soon as possible and arrange to hand yourself in.

Give yourself up before they start chasing you

The trick is to give yourself up to the court before the police come looking for you. It will be the difference between walking into court voluntarily and being dragged in handcuffed by the police. Which of these two scenarios do you think will gain you the most sympathy and favourable treatment from the court?

Don’t waste time, check for arrest warrants now and make sure that you check regularly in the future.

Active Arrest Warrants: What Is A Warrant For Arrest

Author: Steve Gee

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