How To Avoid A Warrant For Arrest

You can’t ignore an existing Arrest Warrant but you can avoid getting new ones

If you already have an arrest warrant then you can’t avoid it, you must make sure that you know it exists and deal with it. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid getting a warrant in the first place though.

Avoiding Bench Warrants

A Bench Warrant will be issued by a court if you do something wrong during or after your court case. Avoiding getting a Bench Warrant issued is simply a matter of following the courts instructions to you. Making sure that you attend the court when you are told to goes a long way to pleasing the officials.

If you can’t attend then make sure that you have a very good reason and make sure you inform the court that you will be absent as soon as possible. Excuses like you lost the papers with the date on or you forgot the date are unlikely to be good enough.

The court can also issue a bench warrant if you fail to pay a fine or you don’t carry out your community service obligations. The easy way to avoid this is to do your service and pay any fines on time.

Avoiding Arrest Warrants

Arrest Warrants are a little harder to avoid because the police can apply to the court to get one at any time they think you committed a crime. This may be for something as simple as a speeding or other traffic offence or it could be because they have identified you as a suspect in a serious crime. It doesn’t mean that you committed the crime but simply that the police think that you might have done.

You can avoid attracting most arrest warrants by simply obeying the law but if you do get one you should engage a lawyer to represent you as soon as possible.

How to find out if you have an Arrest Warrant

If you have an arrest warrant then it’s in your interest to get a lawyer and hand yourself in as soon as possible. If the court sees that you’ve made an effort to contact the court to sort things out voluntarily it will most likely treat you more favorably than if the police had to seek you out and drag you to court involuntarily.

The most effective way of finding active arrest warrants is to use an online public records database that collects background information including arrest warrants from multiple sources and makes it available to you in a very convenient way. Use one of these databases regularly and you will have a good chance of dealing with a warrant in your own good time before the police come knocking on your door and put you in handcuffs.

Find an arrest warrant quickly, easy and fully confidentially using an online records database from multiple private and public records sources.

Active Arrest Warrants: How To Avoid A Warrant For Arrest
Author: Steve Gee
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