Arizona Active Arrest Warrants

Searching for arizona active arrest warrants can be done efficiently online using an investigations public records web site. Not all police departments and sheriff’s offices are equally good at publishing warrant lists and some publish only the most wanted fugitives. Some have yet to embrace the benefits of placing all their public records online.

I’ve been searching for links to web sites where you can find state of Arizona active arrest warrants and most wanted lists for free. So far I’ve found a list for the state and some of the counties cities. If you don’t find what you need on these sites or if you want to try a faster way to find warrants then

Arizona State Most Wanted
A sample of the fugitives wanted in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Almanac
Gallery of wanted fugitives from the Arizona Almanac.
US Marshals Service Fugitive Investigations Fugitives wanted by US Marshals Service.

Most Wanted Fugitives in Arizona State Counties

Apache County
Here is a useful web site with information from the Apache County Sherriff’s Office. To navigate to active arrest warrants select the Warrants menu link. You can search by name or you can Search all Warrants by leaving the field blank.

You can not only access arrest warrants you can also find other public information such as Arrest Records, Inmates and crime charts.

Cochise County Here is a link to a list of people wanted in Cochise County for absconding from probation.
Coconino County Coconino County Adult Probation’s Most Wanted list.
Gila County
Graham County
Greenlee County
La Paz County
Maricopa County A nice comprehensive and easily searchable list of arrest warrants from the Techno-Cops at the Mariicopa County Sherriff’s office.
Mohave County The Mohave County Sheriff’s Most Wanted list.
Navajo County
Pima County Pima County Sheriff Most Wanted list.

This is a nice web site with some good general information about the Sheriff’s department with Jail information and available online services.

Pinal County Pinal County Most Wanted Adult probation absconders.
Santa Cruz County Search the Santa Cruz County Sherriff’s web site for wanted persons.

Enter “wanted” into the box and click the Search button.

Yavapai County Yavapai County Most Wanted list.
Yuma County

Most Wanted Fugitives in Arizona Cities

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Arizona Active Arrest Warrants
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